Cristian Mendoza

Design, Coding and Photography

Cristian is the Design in Ajayu Design. He can think of nothing better to do than spend all day trying to come up with beautiful and effective design solutions for your website, and then bringing them to life through code. He is also a freelance photographer and would love to take customised photographs of your products or services to give your website a unique and authentic flavour. Cristian recently spent three years in his homeland of Bolivia, where he set up and managed an Internet Centre and taught computing, design, illustration and animation to disadvantaged local youth and adults. He has an Advanced Diploma in Interactive Digital Design.

Nadia Butler

Research, Content Writing and Business Management

We all know designers are too busy creating things to watch the clock, but luckily Nadia is here to make sure everything runs smoothly, on time and to budget. She is also responsible for carrying out initial research on your industry and target audience, and creating relevant and informed written content for your website. Nadia has a PhD in cultural anthropology and currently works as a freelance translator, editor and proofreader.