Why do you need a website?

Having a website allows people to find your business and learn about the products or services you have to offer. In today's digital age, most people will go online to research products or services before they buy, so if you don’t have a website, potential customers won't know you exist.

What are some other benefits of having a business website?

Essentially, a well designed website should help you achieve your business goals, whether these are to increase sales, attract more visitors, or get them to subscribe to your newsletters. An effective website will:

  • Establish credibility for your business
  • Provide cost effective marketing
  • Enhance brand awareness
  • Allow you to stay in touch with existing customers and find new ones
  • Make it more convenient for customers to browse your products or services
  • Provide customers with access to information at any time of the day or night

How can we help?

We provide web design and content creation services for desktop computers, tablets and mobile devices. The website we create for you is unique and user friendly, so your customers can find what they need with ease.

All of our websites are designed and developed using best-practice techniques and the latest industry standards. We also make sure our interfaces are designed with communication and usability in mind.

So how do we do it?

All our projects involve a six-step process: DISCOVER, PLAN, DESIGN, BUILD, LAUNCH and MANAGE. As the needs of every business are different and each website is unique, we're constantly improving, innovating and finding new ways of doing things as we work. Our process looks like this:


1. Discover

We ask you questions and carry out research to learn about your industry. What we discover from this process helps us to better understand what your requirements and business needs are, and provides us with an insight into your business plan and competitors.


2. Plan

We take what we learned about your industry and transform it into an action plan. We define a brief, timeline, budget, technology and deliverables (such as sitemaps and content outlines). We continue to ask questions and seek your input so we all are on the same page.


3. Design

We begin creating and designing concepts for your website. We gather content from you or create new content (images, text, etc.), and with that information we start creating the look and feel of the website. We begin with initial sketches, then refine our ideas until we find the best possible solution for your needs.


4. Build

Once we are confident we have the design that will work best for you and your business, we start putting all the pieces in place using a variety of technologies and resources.


5. Launch

Once we have carried out testing to ensure every part of the website is working correctly, we launch your website.


6. Manage

Once a project is launched, we establish a plan for constant improvements and future enhancements. Website content needs to be constantly updated so that the information remains accurate and fresh. This is why we offer a monthly subscription plan for website maintenance, allowing us to add information or images of your products or services when you need us to.

So are you ready to work with us?

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